Présentation vin sur fond de vigne


Certification IFS food
IFS Food Certification:

Our IFS certification guarantees consumers that our products are manufactured and packaged in compliance with strict quality, hygiene and traceability standards. Our three production sites (Beychac, Bayeux, and Nîmes) have earned high level certification.

Certification agriculture biologique
Organic Certification:

Our organic certification guarantees that specific production and distribution regulations for organic products are respected throughout the chain on the manufacturing / bottling / packing sites (Beychac and Nîmes) as well as in all our storage facilities.

Certification sgs
Guaranteed delivery Certification:

Our storage facilities (Nîmes, Beychac, La Chapelle, Bayeux and Doué) boast Guaranteed Delivery certification, ensuring our customers reliable and quality order preparation service.

These certifications reward the hard work and efforts of our entire workforce and inspire us to uphold and continuously improve our quality commitments and policy.

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