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Our customers:

Picto caviste Wine sellers
Picto restaurants Restaurant owners
Picto hotelerie Hotel managers
Pictogramme importateurs Importers
Picto grande distribution Retailers
Picto maritime et aérien Shipping companies (sea and air)
Diverse and personalised products:

Maison Johanès Boubée has developed a specific product range for each country where our products are sold.
Our team is open and adaptable, striving to understand consumer taste and trends in order to offer wines with maximum appeal, developing our products or even creating new ones.

Nos produits
Palette dans un entrepot
Logistics services:

Our strength on the international market is having storage facilities near major French ports (Le Havre, Fos-sur-Mer).
Present in all the wine-growing regions of France, we are able to mix and match wines and centralise them at a single collection point.
We arrange air or sea shipping according to customer demands and manage all the necessary export paperwork.

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