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Maison Johanès Boubée

Maison Johanès Boubée is a wine trading company that deals in still and sparkling wines and includes bottling, logistic, export and e-commerce operations. Their head office is in Bordeaux while 6 facilities (including 3 bottling plants) are located across France, enabling it to work closely with all of the French wine-growing regions. A major player in the French wine trade, MJB provides a full range of services from sourcing to bulk wine purchasing, bottling, procurement and logistics. The Maison Johanès Boubée has also branched out successfully into the spirits and syrups sector.

The story of Maison Johanès Boubée


Two wine wholesalers in the west of France merge and become Prodis Boissons
Prodis Boissons joins the Promodès group.


From its Bayeux site, Prodis Boissons develops its business throughout the various wine-growing regions in France.


Prodis Boissons develops its business in the North of France.
The La Chapelle d’Armentières is the focus for growth.


New sites are inaugurated in Belleville-sur-Saône, Beychac-et-Caillau and Doué-en-Anjou.


Prodis Boissons develops its wine trading activity and acquires Maison Johanès Boubée in Bordeaux. Their head office moves to Bordeaux while Promodès and Carrefour merge.


The Nîmes site is completed. The 6 facilities have been continuously expanded and improved over the past 15 years.


A bottling plant is built in Beychac-et-Caillau.
A new logistics site is created in La Chapelle d’Armentières.


The Bayeux site is refurbished.
A new PET bottling line is set up.
A new site is constructed in Belleville.


The Beychac-et-Caillou site is expanded.
The Doué-en-Anjou site is expanded.
A range of sparkling wines goes into production at the Beychac-et-Caillau site.

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