Notre gamme spiritueux

and Syrups

Spirits, ancestral savoir-faire

Our Bayeux site (in the Calvados department) has proven its savoir-faire in spirits bottling for over 30 years, starting with the production of Pastis and other traditional aperitifs. Over the decades the Maison Johanès Boubé teams have acquired extensive experience inventing recipes, sourcing products and bottling, always keeping in step with market changes and trends.

Over the years, we have diversified our product portfolio by adding new spirit families:
Aniseed-flavoured / Sangria / Whisky / White spirits / Natural Sweet Wines / Liqueurs and Creams / Cognac / Armagnac / Brandy

Nos bouteilles de spiritueux

Syrup bottling expertise

Our Bayeux site also boasts a syrup-making plant where dedicated teams create recipes and manufacture syrups. To meet our high standards in terms of environmental responsibility, we have added a syrup bottling line for bottles made of PET (Polyethylène Teraphtalate).

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Know your limits.