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Product expertise:

Pictogramme sourcing
Sourcing - trading:

Defining customer wants and needs, selecting wines that adhere to our quality and environmental charter, negotiating bulk wine and packaging element purchases, our wine traders deploy their extensive market knowledge to meet the needs of a varied and international clientele. The oenology and purchasing teams visit vineyards across Europe in search of authentic wines, rigorously selected to meet our quality charter criteria. Several phases of tastings are held, enabling us to keep only products that meet, or exceed, customer expectations.

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Our quality team is made up of oenologists, chief winemakers and laboratory technicians. At each step of the bottling and packing process, they control the wine to guarantee product compliance and quality.

Pictogramme embouteillage

A multitude of operations go into preparing wine for sale – analysis, tasting, assembling, filtering – in order to constantly improve the qualities consumers expect. We package the wine in bottles and bag-in-boxes, and also manufacture spirits and syrups.

Supply Chain Expertise

Pictogramme stockage Procurement / storage:

In order for our wine traders to meet market demands at any time, we need to manage extensive stock. The wines are stored in dedicated storage facilities, specially designed and equipped to conserve wine in optimal conditions. Grands Crus Classés are kept in specific climate-controlled and secure storage areas.

Pictogramme logistique Preparation and delivery

By the bottle for individual consumers, but also by the palette for stores, our teams are qualified to prepare and deliver any quantity to any customer.

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